Town Fiestas – Dates & Events

Fiestas de Menorca


The summer fiestas of Menorca start at the end of June and go through till the beginning of September. Some town fiestas fall on specific dates every year regardless of which day of the week, others are based around the first to final weekend of each month and the dates vary each year. Check your calendar to confirm the specific dates the fiestas fall each year.

Click on the name of the fiesta for which you would like more information to see the annual schedule of events in each village.


Ciutadella Saint John / Sant Joan 23 and 24th June (and the Sunday before)
Es Mercadal Saint Martin/ Sant Martí Third weekend in July
Fornells Saint Anthony / Sant Antoni Fourth weekend in July
Es Castell Saint James / Sant Jaume 24 and 25th July
Es Migjorn Gran Saint Christopher/ Sant Cristófol Last weekend in July or first weekend in August
Llucmaçanes San Cayetano / Sant Gaietà First weekend in August
Alayor Saint Lawrence / Sant Llorenç Second weekend in August
San Clemente Saint Clement / Sant Climent Third weekend in August
Ferrerias San Bartholomew / Sant Bartomeu 23, 24 and 25th of August
San Luis Saint Luis / Sant Lluís Last weekend in August
Cala’n Porter
Virgin of Grace / Mare de Déu de Gràcia  
Fiesta of Cala’n Porter
7, 8 of 9th of September
Third weekend in September


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