Fiestas de Sant Lluìs Menorca

 The fiesta of Sant Lluìs is the town fiesta for Sant Lluìs and is held annually on the last weekend of August. The series of events and traditions across the Saturday evening and Sunday are the same each year.


21.30 – Primer Toc des Fabiol
Then the drum and whistle is played for the first time in front of the mayor and the crowds. Then the flag of Saint Lluis is hung from the town hall.

23.00 – Vetlada


12.00h–  Les Solemnes Missa
Religious ceremony in honour of Sant Lluís in the town church.

16.30h – Ringing of the Bells & Parade of Giants
To advise of the start of the fiesta bells are rung and at the same time the brass band  parades through the town with els gegants i capgrossos, the giants and big heads.

17.00 – Es Replec & Sa Qualcada
Next the Fabioler goes to ask permission to collect the Caixer Fadrí/na from his/her home, on horseback they both go to the council to ask permission from Caixer Batle to start the fiesta, and start to round up the horses around town. Following tradition, they  then lap the town collecting the rest of the horses and riders that make up the cavalcade known as la Qualcada.

Once all the horses have joined the cavalcade they proceed to collect the priest, Caixer Capellà then they proceed to collect  the  Caixer Batle who presides over the cavalcade and fiestas. The cavalcade  returns to the town hall once complete where the Caixer Batle collects the baston to preside over the fiestas.

Then the drum and whistle is played in front of the mayor and the crowds.

18.00 – Es Caragol
The cavalcade of horses parades around the streets of the town.

19.30h– Celebració de les Solemnes Completes
The riders leave their horses and proceed on foot to the religious ceremony in honour of Sant Lluís in the town church.

20.00h – Jaleo en Sa Plaça de S’ajuntament
The horses and rideres participate in the first Jaleo of the fiestas  amongst the crowds. The cavalcade then completes another ‘Caragol’ around town befor retiring for the evening.


8.00h – Alegre diana
The band wakes the town up first thing in the morning to start the day of the fiestas.

9.00h – Es Replec de Sa Qualcada
The Fabioler starts the day again with the same start from the evening before collecting the caixers, caixeres, flag and horseriders round town finishing with the Caixer Batlé.

10.30h – Missa Solemne de Caixers
Next the riders head on foot to the parroquial church for mass Missa Solemne, with the caixers and authorities in honor of Saint Luis. Rosewater is passed on at this mass and is known as l’aigua-ros.

11.30h – Jaleo 
Once again the Jaleo is played with the presence of the horses out the front of the church and the riders are given symbolic green reeds and silver spoons.

12.o0h – Recepción de Caixers (Sa Beguda)
The band of music passes from the church to the town hall to acompany the horse riderse and authorities to the reception hosted by the town council.

After the reception the cavalcade accompanies the Caixer Batle and Caixer Capellà back to their homes and the Fabioler and the  Caixer Fadrí return the flag to the town hall.  The cavalcade then retires.

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