If you are looking to immerse yourself in the Menorcan culture and way of life then here are a few tips for you on the most important aspects of the local lifestyle and how to integrate these into your visit.

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Menorcan Cuisine
We share with you the best of the island’s gastronomy and the social aspects to dining in and eating out around the island.
Local Delicacies and Speciality Dishes of Menorca, Recipes, Dining In, Dining Out

Local Fiestas
The local fiestas in Menorca are some of the best in Spain. The summer town fiestas with the purebred Menorcan Stallions are the most lively, but we also share with you public holidays and other siginficant fiestas throughout the year.

Family & Friends 
Menorca is a place where people know each other, stop to say hello and have a chat in the street and several generations of families live together or spend time together on a weekly basis.

Farming and Fishing
The Menorcans love for the sea and their land make these two activities a pass time for some and mean business to others. Either way its a labour of love and ensures that the people of the island eat very well!

Made in Menorca
Menorca has an excellent selection of handicrafts and speciality food & drink all made on the island.
Discover the world of goods Made in Menorca including clothes and footwear, leather goods, ceramics, handmade tools, baskets, iron and wooden indoor & outdoor funiture,  beauty and care products, sweets, baked goods, snacks, cured meats, icecreams, cheeses, wine, gin… the list goes on….

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