Fiestas de La Mare de Déu de Gràcia de Maò

The fiesta of la Mare de déu de Gràcia is the town fiesta for Maò (Mahon) and is held annually on the 7 – 8th September. Each year the same series of events and traditions are held across these dates regardless of the day of the week. Some times indicated are approximate.


16.00hRinging of the Bells
To advise of the start of the fiesta bells are rung and the Fabioler heads out to collect the Caixer Fadrí.

16.15h – Parade of Music & Giants
Parade around the streets of Maó of the Giants of Maó with invited giants from other towns including  Llucmaçanes, Alaior, Es Castell and Sant Lluís and fromCatalunya.

16.30h – Sa Bandera y Es Replec
The Flag of the fiesta is given to the Caixer Fadrí/na and the horses gather in the Plaça Conquesta  to start to form the cavalcade. Following tradition, they  then lap the town collecting the rest of the horses and riders that make up the cavalcade known as la Qualcada.

19.00h– Celebració de les Solemnes Completes
The riders leave their horses and proceed on foot to the the religious ceremony chapel of Nuestra Señora de Gracia in honour of the Virgen de Gràcia.

20.30h – Jaleo en Sa Plaça Constitució
The horses and rideres participate in the first Jaleo of the fiestas played by the  Municipal Band of Maó in the Plaça Constitució amongst the crowds. 

The Cavalcade then retires for the night.


7.15h – Sa Bandera y Es Replec
The Caixer Fadrí goes to collect the flag and the horses gather.

7.30h – Diana Alegre
The band wakes the town up first thing in the morning to start the day of the fiestas.

8.00h – Es Fabioler i Sa Qualcada
The Fabioler starts the day again with the same start from the evening before collecting the caixers, caixeres, flag and horseriders round town finishing with the Caixer Capellà. The cavalcade then completes a lap of the town heading towards the town hall where they leave their horses.

9.00h – The Parade of Giants
The Giants of Maó and invited giants parade around town

10.30h – La Patona, La Mare de Déu de Gràcia
The statue of the patron saint of Maó la Mare de deu de Gràcia, is carried to the Santa Maria church accompanied by the cavalcade.

10.15h – Missa Solemne de Caixers
Next the riders head on foot to the church of Saint Maria for mass Missa Solemne, with the caixers and authorities. Rosewater is passed on at this mass and is known as l’aigua-ros.

12.00h – Jaleo a Sa Plaça de la Constitució
Once again the Jaleo is played with the presence of the horses in the main square and the riders are given symbolic green reeds and silver spoons. Music played by the Band of  Es Migjorn Gran.

Sa Beguda de Caixers
After the Jaleo the horse riderse and authorities head to the reception called Sa Beguda de Caixers hosted by the town council.

18.30h – Sortida de la Colcada
The cavalcade heads to the Plaça Constitució for the evening races

19.00h – Ses Corregudes al Cós de Gràcia & Darrer Caragol
The races in the Plaça de la Constitució then the last lap of the cavalcade around town.
Route for the last lap as follows:  c/ de ses Moreres, costa de sa Plaça, pl. Colón, c/ de l’Àngel, pl. Reial, c/ Anunciavay, pl. del Príncep, c/ del Carme, pl. Espanya, c/ del Sant Crist, c/Nou, Passatge Sitges, c/ de l’Àngel, pl. Colón i pl. Constitució

Darrer Toc des Fabiol
The cavalcade then retires and the last whistle is played once the final lap is completed.

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