Fiestas de Cala’n Porter

The fiesta of Cala’n Porter is the last of the fiestas and the only one that is held in an urbanization. It is held annually on the third weekend in September and dates vary. Each year the same series of events and traditions are held across the Saturday evening and Sunday. Some times indicated are approximate.



17.00hParade of Giants
Parade through the town of els gegants i capgrossos, the giants and big heads accompanied by a band.

18.00h –  Sa Qualcada i Sa Bandera (Cavalcade & Flag)
Following tradition, the horses start to gather and head from the Plaça de la Iglesia to the Municipal Building where the  flag is handed over to the Caixer Fadrí.  The rest of the horses and riders that make up the cavalcade known as la Qualcada all fall into line before the Caixer President who presides over the cavalcade and the fiestas joines the group. The cavalcade then laps round the urbanization before heading down to the beach.

19.00 –  Jaleo en Sa Plaça
The horses and rideres participate in the first Jaleo of the fiestas in the plaza by the beach accompanyed by the band. The riders return to their horses and fall into tha cavalcade making a còmplete lap of the town again.  The Cavalcade then retires for the night.

The rest of the evening there are seveal music performances in the urbanization of Cala’n Porter.


9.00h – Diana Alegre
The band wakes the town up first thing in the morning to start the day of the fiestas.

9.30h – Bereneta Menorquina
Breakfast of Xocolati amb Coca, hot chocolate and a type of pastry similar to the emsaimada typical to Menorca during the fiestas is served in the Municipal Building.

9.50h– Es Replec de Sa Qualcada
The horses start to gather again to form the cavalcade, once formed they then completes a lap of the town.

11.30h – Missa Solemne de Caixers
Next the riders head on foot to the Municipal Building for mass Missa Solemne, with the caixers and authorities.

12.15h – Jaleo a Sa Plaça
Once again the Jaleo is played with the presence of the horses in the Plaça de la Iglesia .

15.00h – Beguda Popular
The horse riders, authorities  and residents head to the reception in the Municipal Building hosted by the town council. The cavalcade then retires.

The afternoon is filled with more live music, family activities and performances.

22.30h – Fireworks and live street performance starting at Plaça Gran and finishing at Plaça de la Iglesia.

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