Weekly Peek: …on Horseback

This is one of my favourite things about Menorca; crossing paths with horses in every day life.

September is the best month in Menorca in many ways. After the influx of visitors in August, there is a change to the rhythm of life on the island with both the children back at school and most adults back at work. Tranquillity returns to Menorca with less people at the beach and less boats in the sea. 

El Camí de Cavalls

As summer transitions to autumn we are spoilt with warm sunny days and mildly cool evenings yet the sea is almost lukewarm and comforting. This year with only two rainy days all month for which our garden was most grateful, September has been simply sublime.  People are more active now without the high temperatures of previous months and exploring the island with its numerous activities is much more pleasurable. 
Last Monday we were making the most of one of our last weekdays out on the boat anchored at ‘Sa Cova d’es Pardals’. It’s a lovely little bay with a cave between the beaches of Son Xoriguer and Son Saura on the south west coast of Menorca. During the summer months it can be quite a popular point for boats to pause for a quick dip, but we were fortunate to have the place to ourselves for most of the morning. I was pleasantly surprised to see an excursion on horseback pass us by on the coastal horse track that traces the whole island called the ‘Camí de Cavalls’. It was the second time that morning we saw horses out to play on the Camí de Cavalls. Much earlier in the shadow of the morning sun four magnificent black Menorcan pure bred horses were trotting in row along the same horse track south of Cala Blanca. From a distance their silhouette was perfectly outlined by the sun with their impeccable posture, arched necks and pointed hooves.
This is one of my absolute favourite things about Menorca; every now and then crossing paths with these impressive horses in every day life. They always bring a smile to my face and leave me in awe of their beauty and elegance. Although the Camí de Cavalls can be discovered either by walking or cycling, there is something special about seeing horses on the track that was named after them many centuries ago.
Cavall means horse in Menorquin and I can only imagine the experience of riding one on the seaside track is just as special too. I must add that to my ‘Bucket List’….


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