Hunt for Menorca’s Wild Orchids

Springtime in Menorca is the most picturesque, it’s the best time to explore with your camera.

Springtime in Menorca is the season where the island is the most picturesque. The temperatures warm up quickly after the winter months and the countryside is a colourful mix of native wildflowers and green fields. The beaches are still practically deserted and it’s the best time to get out and explore the landscape with your camera.

I’ve actually lost count of the different varieties of colourful wildflowers I have seen on my morning walks with my staffie, Kira. I can’t help but slow down and stop to admire them up close. With my trusty mobile phone on hand I have enjoyed photographing at all the flowers that line the coast. With a background of turquoise blue sea it’s hard to take an ‘un’happy snap! Here are some of the treasures I have found along the way… Daisy, Marigold, Poppies, Gladiolus, Tree Mallow, Wild Rose, and flowering garlic, rosemary, wild carrot the list goes on…

Wildflowers of Menorca


But if I’m honest, I am on the hunt for the elusive wild orchids of Menorca. Orchids are my favourite type of flower and the only other place I have seen them grow wild (and in abundance) is Singapore. But they are the more traditional kind. I’ve never seen one quite like the ones native to Menorca, which are completely different size and colours. I know they exists, and believe most likely to be seen on walks through fields or gorges, but unfortunately I have had no such luck as yet.


I’ve had to ask my friend Kirstin for a few photos on this occasion rather than just sharing my own. But if you are lucky enough to be in Menorca right now, do as the locals do and take yourself and your camera for a walk on the coast or countryside. Keep your eyes peeled in the surrounding greenery for one of the Menorcan orchids. If you do happen to find one, please do leave a comment below and share where you found it! Or even just share where your favourite parts of the island are to explore, be it a beach or some other secret spot. We would love to hear from you!

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