Menorcan Moments at Cala Brut

Some of the best aspects of the Menorcan lifestyle never change.

Some of the best aspects of the Menorcan lifestyle never change. Whether its the repetition of fiesta traditions year in and year out, or reliving a moment of your childhood memories whilst creating new ones with your own children. One such lasting memory of mine is the first time I jumped off the the cliffs at Cala Brut at the age of seven. Unforgettable!

Salto en Cala Brut

Jump off the Cliffs at Cala Brut


Cala Brut (or Cala Bruc) for any of you who do not know it, is a v shapped picturesque turquoise cove just north of Ciutadella, that has no sand and is surrounded by platforms of different levels built into the cliff faces on either side.  Its a very popular swimming spot with young people who are confident swimmers. Both locals and visitors alike often pass many of their summer days sun tanning with friends and taking turns to jump off the platforms into the water. There are a few coves around the island with platforms, but Cala Brut is a famed jumping spot and known also for its deep water, almost too blue to be true.

As one of our family’s favourite swimming spots we used to go there with my grandparents when I was a child, and it was also where my partner spent many of his teenage summers with his friends perfecting his head first dives. Recently we returned with the kids who are now old enough to swim confidently, to test their courage in front of a supportive audience. Cala Brut is still as popular as ever during the summer, and people of all ages still jump of the platforms. Its always amusing to see the smaller ones repeatedly leap with confidence whist other grown ups spend much time psyching themselves up, charging towards the edge and backing out at the last minute.

I wasn’t sure if our little ones be up to the challenge, and it had been at least 10 years since my last leap too. But I was so proud to see them take that leap of faith without hesitation, first on a lower platform then on the higher one you can see in the photo. I followed their lead, and in an instant I was seven all over again. It is so liberating jumping off the edge, just high enough for you to be aware of yourself falling through the air before the sensation of sinking into the sea washes over you.

Even better were the smiles on ther faces as their heads came back up out of the water…
¿Otra vez? Again?  ¡Claro que si! Of course!
You never forget your first time, even if its too hard to resist repeating!

Try for yourself and experience a memorable Menorcan moment, for more information about Cala Brut click here.  We would love to see your leap of faith at Cala Brut, share it with us by friending us on Facebook and tagging us in your photo or video, or leave us a comment below.

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