Trail from Macarella to Macarelleta

Without a doubt, this little excursion makes the short list of the best experiences the island has to offer.

One unforgettable and amazing adventure you can have in Menorca is making the relatively short walk from Macarella beach to Macarelleta beach on Menorca’s south coast.

Macarella from the trail


Macarelleta is one of the most famous and most photographed virgin beaches on Menorca. It’s on many postcards of the island, and just this year alone it was featured on the cover of a supplement in one of Spain’s weekly magazines ‘Mia’ which was all about Spain’s best beaches. Apart from the fact that the bay of Macarella and Macarelleta beaches are both displayed as a backdrop on our site Menorca Blue, Macarelleta is also the star of the now infamous ‘Estrella Damm’ beer commercial, shot in Menorca this summer. I can assure you, that it will take your breath away on either a postcard or on the television, but has to be seen to be believed that this spectacular scenery really is that blue and that naturally beautiful.

Whilst both beaches are very picturesque, it is the bay between the two that is the most stunning, whether viewed from the cliffs above as you take the track from one beach to another, or swimming in the very blue water in amongst the boats. The water is so captivating and clear, that from above at a distance, you can see the shadows of the boats on the sea bed so distinctly.

The clarity when swimming in the bay is remarkable. If you stick your head beneath the surface with a pair of goggles you will be surprised by the activity of the fish that swim calmly at depths below your toes close to the sparkling white sand.

The experience of the walk or swim is most certainly worth the journey down the long narrow winding road from Ciutadella. If you only make it to Macarella beach, which alone is popular enough, and not take the walk to Macarelleta, you will be missing out on the best bit. The track with gradually rises on the cliff face to the left when you are facing the sea, passes by some natural caves in the cliff face before rising above the caves and then eventually and gradually lowering down towards Macarelleta. There are railings protecting the walker almost the whole way, wherever necessary, and the track is easy enough for anyone who is a regular walker to enjoy at leisure. In fact the longer you take to soak it all in, the more you appreciate it! Pause as much as possible and admire, it is most definitely worthy of your time.

Be advised to take your camera, and if going solo, don’t hesitate to ask a stranger passing to take your photo against the backdrop of the bay, you will regret it if you don’t and if you do capture the moment, it will be a photo to frame! The only other advice I would give is wear somewhat sturdy sandals or shoes for your safety and comfort. Flip flops are not slip resistant and you will waste too much time looking at your feet and miss what you are passing by.

Without a doubt, this little excursion makes the short list of the best experiences the island has to offer.

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