Autumn Activities in Menorca

Sunny days and 23ºC in and out of the sea is the perfect weather for adventure and relaxation.


As the summer tourist season enters its last official month in October, fewer crowds and lovely weather create ideal conditions to discover both the landscape and lifestyle in Menorca. It’s at the end of the season when the focus moves away from the typical tourist urbanizations and back into the traditional town life that is the real beauty of the island.

Coastal Cycling in Menorca

There are many activities that lend themselves to this time of year where the heat and humidity of the summer has passed, yet the sun lingers long and the sea is still warm.

If you are after relaxation then this is the perfect time to hire a car and stop in the towns for a wander around, or a visit to the museums and churches, or a nice long lunch and a coffee followed by a siesta.


A visit to Menorca is not complete without a session in one of the many Spas around the island, an affordable yet luxurious way to unwind.

If you prefer a more active way to disconnect on holiday, activities such as nature walks, day trips to secluded beaches, golf, fishing or cycling excursions are an option. Or simply exploring the countryside on the back of a scooter is the ideal Mediterranean style adventure.

This month on Menorca Blue we are going to share some of the highlights of what to do in Menorca at this time of year.  If you are thinking about visiting the island for a quick weekend away or last minute escape, you won’t be disappointed with what Menorca has to offer.

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