Fiesta in Menorca

Fiesta, the quintessential Spanish word that has many meanings in Menorca…

Spain would not be Spain without FIESTA, a word that has many meanings in Menorca and forms an essential part of the local lifestyle in many ways:

  • It could also mean the day of the People and Patron of Menorca, the feast of Saint Anthony ‘Sant Antoni’ in January. Or other public holidays celebrated through out the year such as the day of the Balearic Islands, Easter ‘Setmana Santa’ or Christmas Nadal’ or the three kings ‘Tres Reis’. 
  • Fiesta is also used for the weekend, or your days off work.
  • A fiesta could be a Saint’s Day of a namesake as most spanish people are named after a Saint.
  • Finally, fiesta can also refer to a typical birthday party, or a night out of cocktails and dancing to make the most of Menorca’s nightlife.Fiesta in Menorca

The reason why fiesta, or ‘Festa’ as they say in Menorca, is so intergral in the lifestyle is because it is associated with so many types of celebrations, from the most vibrant and joyous, to the traditional and ceremonial or to the most relaxing family and free time rituals. We encourage you to taste the variety of the Menorcan fiestas for yourself, and take a leaf from their book…
because life should be celebrated in some way, every single day!

Here is your quick reference guide to the fiestas of Menorca, click on any title in blue to read the post.


Introduction to Menorca’s Traditional Local Fiestas
Menorca’s Fiesta Traditions
Menorca’s Town Fiestas – Summer Dates and Schedules
(Click on each Fiesta and Town name to explore each fiesta)
Menorca’s Local Fiesta Tips
Sant Joan Ciutadella de Menorca
Seven Days of Sant Joan


For a Prosperous New Year, Peel Me a Grape
‘Los Tres Reyes Magos’ The Three Kings
Fiesta of  ‘Sant Antoni’ Patron Saint of Menorca
Celebrating Carnaval in Menorca
Fiesta of Maria Auxiliadora
Fiesta de la Virgin del Carmen
‘Es Gust de Nadal’ The Flavour of Christmas



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