Pura Menorquina

Some of the best of the Balearics are born, bred, bottled, baked and built in Menorca.

As Summer and the local fiesta season are just around the corner, its time to get into the spirit and celebrate Menorca. There are many aspects of the Menorcan lifestyle that are traditionally Mediterranean. Some characteristics in architecture, language and customs are found on all the Balearic Islands. But there are also some things that are purely Menorcan; born, bred, built, baked and bottled here in their place of origin.

Here are five favourites that are classified as ‘Pura Menorquina’ 

Pure bred Menorcan Horses

Pure bred Menorcan Horses

  1. Purebred Menorcan Horses
    An internationally recognized breed known locally as ‘Pura Raza Menorquina’ or P.R.M. these horses are a symbol of the island, lifestyle and people.  The distinctive physical features are their size, elegant shape, arched neck and black colour.  Their temperament is noble, intelligent, obedient and resilient, characteristics that the breed has developed over generations. The skill, showmanship and eternal patience they display in the equestrian events and local fiestas makes this breed very special. A must see that can be seen weekly at the equestrian spectacular on the island or in the town fiestas in the summer.
  2. Lobster Soup – Caldereta de Langosta
    Caldereta de Langosta - Lobster Soup Menorca

    Caldereta de Langosta

    This is a local delicacy that originated in Menorca. It is served in the best restaurants all over the island but is famously served in Fornells the fishing village on the north of the island. Made from fresh lobsters caught locally and a base of sofrito that includes tomato, green peppers, garlic, onion and olive oil. A perfect choice for a long lunch by the sea and sure to be a meal you will never forget.

    Mahon Menorca Cheese Queso

    Menorca Cheese

  3. Mahón-Menorca Cheese
    The tradition of making cheese in the farms of Menorca dates back many centuries, and in 1985 was recognised as an official Denomination of Origin or Brand of the island. Named after the Port where it was originally exported, Mahon-Menorca Cheese is distinguished by the strong flavours provided by the milk from the Menorcan cows and the traditional process of making the cheese which is still maintained today.
  4. Coca Bamba de Sant Joan
    Whilst Ensaimadas originate in Mallorca and are a typical product found in all the Balearic Islands, the Coca Bamba is of similar style with a different shape. Traditionally eaten with hot chocolate during the local fiestas such as Sant Joan in Ciutadella next week, it is always a favourite for afternoon tea called ‘Sa Bereneta’.
    gin xoriguer Menorca
  5. Gin Xoriguer
    One of the more famous purely Menorcan favourites is the Gin that is made on the island. Gin was originally introduced to the island by the British in the 18th Century during their rule. As it was such a popular drink the locals started to import Juniper Berries to mix it with local wine alcohol to give it’s distinctive sweet taste compared to dry gin. Now it is synonymous with the island’s summer fiestas typically consumed with chilled sweetened lemon juice or lemon soft drink. Perfect too for the best Gin & Tonic you will ever taste. Don’t leave the island till you have tried it, it WILL win you over as the ideal summer drink.

We would love to hear about your favourite purely Menorcan things. There is so much to discover and enjoy on this little island, share your pick of the bunch with us!

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