Cala Macarella & Macarelleta

Location: The bay of Macarella and Macarelleta is on the south western side of Menorca and belongs to the Àrea Natural d’Especial Interès on Ciutadella’s southern coast.

Cala Macarella Menorca

Cala Macarella


Description: The most widely recognised images of Menorca’s virgin beaches come from Macarella and Macarelleta. Varios stunning shades of impeccably clear turquoise and blue water in the bay with white sandy beaches and surrounding rocks with shallow waters.

Perfect For:  Families with walking age children and anyone looking for arguably the best aerial view of ‘Menorca’s beaches’.

Access Level:  Medium. 5 – 20 minute walk along a track to get to the beach from the car parks.

Parking: Yes. There are two car parks. One is paid and close to the beach, the other is free but a longer walk up hill. Advisable to arrive early as it’s a popular beach.

Bus: No. Taxis won’t take you all the way down to the beach either so you have to walk the last stretch approx 10 – 15 minutes. Better to hire a scooter!Cala Macarella

Lifeguard: Yes
Food & Drink: Susy’s Chiringuito (Beach Bar and Restaurant). Serves an excellent selection of meat and fish with home grown salad and chips amongst other plates. Be warned big servings, great value! Gets busy during the summer months so get in early. Highly recommended.
Beach Rental: No.
Water Activities: No.
Boat Access: Mooring available outside of bouys and marked passage to the beach.
Rubbish & Recycling: Yes. There are rubbish and recycling bins on and around the beach.

Access 1 –  On the ring road with the roundabouts on the outskirts of Ciutadella take the roundabout exit for ‘Sant Joan de Missa’. You will also see a large sign for the parking for the three beaches ‘Son Saura’, ‘Cala Turqueta’ and ‘Macarella’ at this exit. Follow this narrow road straight ahead round all the curves till you get to a distinct signposted fork in the road. Veer left towards Macarella. The road gets narrower and at the end there is a steep windy decent to the car park level. Notice the sign beforehand indicating the free parking if you choose.

Access 2 – Via the sea.  Cala Macarella is perfect to arrive by boat, kayak or jet ski.

Access 3 –  Another option is walking from Cala Galdana, located on the right side of the beach at the end of the road opposite the Hotel Audax. There is a sign at the end of the street to take  the horse trail along the coast known as the ‘Camí de Cavalls’. Approximately 45 minutes passing by Cala Macarelleta on the way.


NOTE A visit to Macarella is not complete without a walk between the two beaches of Macarella and Macaralleta. Some of the absolute best views on the island are from this elevated cliff point. Anyone who is a steady comfortable walker will appreciate making the effort.

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‘The Trail from Macarella to Macaralleta’


IMPORTANT:    Please help us maintain Menorca’s natural beauty

Dispose of your rubbish, cigarette butts included! There are garbage and recycling bins in the car parks and every street. Reuse plastic bags to take your waste to the closest bin.
Take some beautiful photos…. but also take all your rubbish with you. GRACIAS!

Cala Macarella MenorcaCala Macarella MenorcaCala Macarella MenorcaCala Macarella Menorca

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Cala Macarella

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