Menorcan Cuisine

In Menorca it’s a tradition passed on through generations to enjoy the process of cooking, and to take the time to prepare typical dishes on a regular basis.

Typical Menorcan Food - Menorca Blue

Typical Menorcan Food

Due to the small size of the island, many people have the privilege of being able to eat at home for the main meal of lunch, and if not at home then most restaurants offer a Menu del Día, the menu of the day which includes three courses.

Aqui se come bien, meaning here we eat well, in Menorca as in the rest of Spain everyone makes time to eat a good lunch and have a lighter dinner most nights of the week.

Traditional Mediterranean Cuisine famously has a healthy balance of all the food groups, and Menorcan gastronomy is famed for its inclusion of fish, meat and legumes in typical plates that often are stews and soups eaten with a spoon.

Fast food is also a healthy choice of either Tortilla Española a potato omelette, Panecillos de Sobrasada o Jamon y Queso, which are small brioche type rolls stuffed with either Sobrasada or Ham and Cheese, or Cocas which are sweet or savoury baked slices topped with either roasted vegetables or fruit.

Cooking is a preferred passtime for many who take pride and satisfaction from preparing a spectacular meal for family or friends and seeing them enjoy it. Not to mention the laughter that is shared or the welcomed mid afternoon siesta on weekends.

So whether its a Menorcan breakfast, ‘Sa Bereneta’, a morning or afternoon tea or speciality dishes of the island,  here is our guide to the best of local cuisine and getting the best value for money whether eating in or dining out.




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