The Best of Menorca – Part 2

Tell us which of these places you enjoyed the most and share any tips about each location.

Welcome to the second instalment of the Best of Menorca!
What started as a short list has turned into a three part series briefly outlining the jewels of this beautiful island.
A touch of culture, history, natural beauty and entertainment in each part, here are the next five experiences we invite you to try for yourself.

  1. Day Trip to Mahon
    Port of Mahon
    The island capital is a worthy visit. The sheer size of the port is a sight as well as the town itself having several attractions. Two highlights to visit would be the Xoriguer Gin Factory down at the port and the markets at the top of the stairs from sea level. There are also boat tours round the immense harbour to see all its coves up close.
  2. Cova D’en Xoroi

    What makes it totally unique and a must see?
    Quite simply it’s a club, in a cave, on a cliff. Chill out on the terraces high above the sea in the afternoon or evening or join the glamorous club nights in summer. The view of the coast from so high up is fabulous. This is a place you will tell other’s about years after your visit. Unforgettable!
  3. Explore Monte Toro

    The highest point on the island at 357m is practically the only ‘mountain’ in Menorca. It is situated almost directly in the centre of the island giving magnificent 360º panoramic views of the entire island and coast.  The journey up the road is memorable and the scenery along with a visit to the fully restored monastery makes the trip highly recommended.
  4. Visit Cala Bosch Marina

    Whether visiting day or night the Cala Bosch Marina is a beautiful spot with a fantastic selection of restaurants and bars and shops. Visit the beautiful beach next to the marina or enjoy the selection of family entertainment in the area all within easy walking distance. There is also a variety of water sports to try at either the beach or the marina.
  5. Look out  at Cala Galdana

    Cala Galdana also has a choice of entertainment for couples and families either day or night, but the perfectly curved bay of the beach with sparkling clear blue water can be best enjoyed from the elevated lookouts on the easterly cliffs above the beach. Accessible by car or on foot, it’s one of the best photo locations on the island.

We would love to hear from you if you have visited any of these places, what you enjoyed the most and share any tips about these locations. Do you like the Xoriguer Gin or prefer one of the other locally made liquors? What do you think of Cova D’en Xoroi? Have you made it all the way up to Monte Toro? What are your favourite aspects of Cala Galdana and Cala Bosch?

The final part of our best of Menorca series is to follow very soon!

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