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Get to know some of the locals who share their insights into the Menorcan lifestyle.

Menorca Blue is proud to launch another new section of the site called A Local’s Lifestyle.

Without a doubt the best part of island life in Menorca are the wonderful people that populate and protect the island. Ironically they are always the first to say they are a closed group of people, perhaps typical of small island communities. But I have to disagree, as my experience has been the complete opposite. Far from the sometimes isolated, cold and impersonal interactions with others in big city life, the beauty of island communites is the daily integration with family, friends and neighbours. It is a gift to live in a place where people stop to say Bon Día in the street, or greet you with a smile and a kiss on the cheek the first time you meet them. This welcome extends into shops where people genuinly ask how you are, make time for a chat and even go out of their way to help you in the bank!

As an outsider who speaks a foreign language, I can say that at first its overwhelming learning Spanish and trying to keep up with fast Menorquín chatter in group conversations. But what surprised me the most was by making an effort with the language from day one, I was received with compassion and understanding from my new Menorcan friends. They worked as hard I to bridge the language gap between us. I learned that sincerity and friendship crosses all communication barriers.

This section is about getting to know some of the individuals that live in communities on the island to get a glimpse of different perspectives of the Menorcan lifestyle. People who have an interesting life story or important role in community, who are keen to share what they love about their island home and way of life.

So keep your eyes out for upcoming interviews with some of the characters of Menorca.  If you are from Menorca and would like to suggest someone who plays a key role where you live or is much loved by the  neighbourhood please get in touch at blog(at)menorcablue.com or leave a comment below to make a suggestion! Tell us about how that individual personifies the Menorcan lifestyle in some way and why we should share thier story.


Menorcans are passionate, proud, friendly and joyful and there is no better time to see this first hand than at the local fiestas. This is one of my favourite videos, taken in Ciutadella at the fiesta of Sant Joan. This is the last time during the fiesta that the band plays the Jaleo and both the band and the audience are at the best.

A classic Menorcan moment…

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