Food in Menorca

In Menorca food is at the centre of each day, the heart of every home, and the secret of success at any celebration.

In Menorca, as with most Mediterranean cultures it’s always about food; what to eat, when and where to eat, where and how the food is grown, the customs, care and attention with which it is made and with whom you are sharing your meal. Food is never an afterthought, instead the catalyst for every experience to unfold.

The quality of what you eat every day is fundamental and daily life revolves around meal times in Menorca. Food is at the centre of each day, the heart of every home, and the secret of success at any celebration.

Daily rituals like farming, fishing, cooking and baking revolve around food, as do many family traditions and local fiestas. The beauty, love and joy in the creation and sharing of food flows from nature, to kitchen, to plate, to people with such ease here, perhaps because it’s a small island with a strong food culture. The standard is high and people refuse to settle for merely placating hunger. In Menorca, food does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Whether just a simple sandwich or a 7 course Sunday lunch, it satisfies the tastebuds and tummy, and nurtures the body and relationships in more ways than most of us choose to allow it.

An essential part of discovering Menorca is discovering Menorcan Cuisine.

Here is your insider’s guide to the local grub, click on any of the links below.
Food of Menorca ©

Food of Menorca ©


Introduction to Menorcan Cuisine

Local Delicacies of Menorca

Local Dishes of Menorca

Tips for Dining Out in Menorca

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Discovering Menorcan Cuisine

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