Made in Menorca

Introducing a series of articles featuring typical products made locally on the island.

Modern day Menorca is renowned for many things… its pristine beaches, impeccably kept towns, whitewash villages, tranquillity and even its traditional fiestas with the purebred black stallions.

Menorca Products © MenorcaBlue.comBut before Menorca became known as an idyllic Mediterranean tourist destination, the history of local industry revolved around another long standing tradition: that of handmade products and quality craftsmanship. A wide variety of goods from food and beverages, to clothing and footwear, and handicrafts including woodwork, leather and ceramics are all specialities on the island. While some locals continue the art of handmade crafts referred to in Spanish as Artesanía, other small family run businesses have become the base of local industries providing jobs to many of the residents through their expansion.

Like farming and fishing, the art of handmade workmanship is often one that handed down from generation to generation; many of the crafts themselves are traditions that have become a part of the Menorcan culture over centuries. Often working with materials and ingredients found in high quality and abundance on the island, the foundation of handmade Menorcan products has come from making the most of what nature has provided.

We highly recommend you when shopping that you choose to buy Marca Menorca: Menorcan Brands. You will be taking home a unique quality souvenir from the island and supporting the local economy at the same time.

In a series of posts titled ‘Made in Menorca’ we will be amplifying this section of our site, by exploring the wide range of Menorcan products which you can buy and enjoy. From one off hand made pieces through to brands that are receiving international recognition and growth through exportation.

If you would like to learn more about Marca Menorca and the local artisans and their crafts, visit the website of the Centre Artesenal de Menorca which is located in Mercadal. You will also be able to find out more about the guaranteed mark of Menorca and discover more about the centre itself.

Coincidentally, the Consell Insular (Menorcan Council) in collaboration with Fundació Destí Menorca, launched a promotional campagin with the same name at the end of August 2013. Take a look at the campagin presentation brochure here to get a good introduction to the types of unique and traditional products that Menorca offers. Its the best place to start.

Stay posted this week for the first article on the selection of products that are Made in Menorca.


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