Why Visit Menorca?

Those of us who live here and love it can think of countless reasons why Menorca is a fantastic place to experience more than just once. Predominatly it’s the people and places at any location that make it special and unique. These aspects combined with memorable moments of being in a specific place at a specific time with certain people are what create an unforgettable holiday.

But what is it that draws people to this particular little island in the Med?

  1. Natural Beauty & Harmony
    Menorca’s natural beauty is one of its stand out features. There is a harmony between the land and the people because locals love and respect their island home. Scattered with a few pretty towns and urbanizations, most of the coast and interior has been left undeveloped in its natural state. It is for this reason that Menorca was classified as a biosphere 20 years ago and today is still abundant in clean turquoise blue coves, green fields full of farms and wild flowers, and traditional whitewash villages. The outcome is that Menorca’s beaches and inland walking routes are its star attraction.
    Plaça des Born Ciutadella
  1. Culture & Lifestyle
    Menorca offers visitors a taste of the traditional Spanish culture mixed in with the friendly relaxed Menorcan lifestyle.  Some highlights are the fantastic food, wine and local delicacies derived from fresh produce grown in local farms. Specialist handicrafts, high quality footwear and clothing made in Menorca. Local fiestas featuring the purebred Menorcan Horses and famous Menorcan Gin with customs that date back centuries. Most importantly, Menorca is a place where people smile on the street and stop to say ‘hola’ or ‘Bon Diá’.A Menorcan passtime is to ‘fer una volta’  which means wandering through the towns steeped in history and colour, or chill out in the plazas enjoying ‘un café’ after lunch in the sunshine. There is never any real reason to rush in Menorca, so leave your hurries at home!
  1. A Great Escape
    …. to disconnect from stress and reconnect with loved ones
    It’s an ideal place for that relaxing break that you need, with the slower pace of life you can enjoy being present in the moment with yourself and your loved ones. Menorca is the real Mediterranean hideaway. Contrary to its neighbours, Menorca is often said to be the Balearic Island where the rich and famous go not to be seen. Everyone blends in to the informal yet charming surroundings where the focus is on quality of daily life integrated with those dearest to you.
  1. Wonderful Weather
    Pleasant mild  temperatures during most of the year with lots of sunshine, Menorca has the right weather for sports such as cycling, hiking, horse riding or even excursions on foot or scooter. Mild enough during Spring and Autumn for both activities on land and in the sea, with the winter months being the favourite time for residents to go on nature walks. Known as the windy island due to its relatively flat surface and the occasional strong northerly winds, the island is popular for windsurfing and sailing. Naturally during the hottest summer months there is no better place than the beach and a swim in the sea!
  1. A Safe and Welcoming Place
    Safety is one of the most important aspects whether at home or on holidays, as is feeling comfortable in your surroundings. This is perhaps the most understated yet most valued characteristic of Menorca, it’s a safe place. Whether spending the day at the beach, strolling through town, driving on the roads or settling in for a good night’s sleep, you will notice the sense of calm wherever you go.
  2. The perfect amount of variety
  • Fancy a meal of local seafood, fresh salad, traditional paella or a grilled fillet steak in the centre of town, or with an ocean view?Menorca's Local Fiestas Menorca Blue
  • A day out on a boat to explore coves only accessible by sea
  • A horseback excursion with the family through the forest
  • A day of pampering and indulgence at the spa
  • Joining in the fun of traditional fiestas
  • A day of shopping in town or visiting farms and factories to try & buy local products
  • A round of golf with your friends
  • A reason to dress up for a night of drinks and dancing till dawn
  • Or a cocktail at one of the chill out terraces over looking the yachts in the port
  • A day of laughter with the kids at the zoo, water parks, bowling or the beach
  • A romantic sunset for two with a bottle of champagne, your camera and no-one else in sight
  • A beachside barbeque under the palm trees with a cold beer or sangria in hand
  • Exploring the countryside by bike or on foot to discover the beauty and history of the island

The simplest things can often be the most amazing if you have time for them. Any of this you can do any day of the week in Menorca and much more. What we don’t have here are skyscrapers, trains, big commercial multilevel shopping centres or much traffic, but then that’s another reason why people love Menorca. Instead there is just enough of everything you could want or need, without an excess of anything… except perhaps beautiful beaches.

But then can you really have too many beautiful beaches in one place?
We’ll leave that one for you to decide…

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