Menorca’s Biosphere

In 1993 Menorca was named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to the quality of the island’s environment.  Menorca  has each of the typical Mediterranean characteristics within its landscape, all well preserved within the traditional agricultural system. The habitat includes gorges, forests, dune systems, marshlands and an excellent quality soil that grows everything from wild aromatic herbs &  vegetables, wild mushrooms, all types of fruit trees and produce and a variety of other native flora.

This title serves several purposes:Menorca Biosphere Menorca Blue

  1. Recognition of the preservation of both the heritage and environment of Menorca
  2. To ensure the continued preservation in the future by limiting developments within the island reserve
  3. To contine to work within a sustainable model of preservation and development for the island’s economy
  4. Provide an opportunity to study the ecosystems of the native flora and fauna
  5. Promote the island as an example of this sustainable model to other places with similar characteristics to follow

The designation of Menorca as a Biosphere Reserve was updated in 2004 to include the well preserved & extensive prehistoric sites, heritage buildings from the 17th & 18th centuries and military forts.

This effectively limits the construction of high rise developments on the island and any new large constructions must adhere to strict regulations to proceed. Facades of buildings in the historic centres must also be preserved right down to the colour of the shutters in some cases. Certain areas of land cannot be built either and there are sections of the island and sea which are strictly protected from farming and fishing. Two thirds of the Menorcan coastline is also a protected zone for birds.

Natual Park of  ‘S’Albufera des Grau’
Marine Reserve of North Menorca

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