For most of us its a privilege to have loved ones close to home.

In Menorca its normal to have both family and friends living mostly less than fifteen minutes away. This allows for greater integration within the communities of the island. Three or four generations of families share their lives and build relationships with regular contact during the week. People live in the streets with open doors in a community atmosphere which is very common of the mediterranean lifestyle. In the old towns people are often sitting outside their houses on collapsable chairs called Coca Rosas watching the world go by or chatting with neighbours. Kids still play in the street and everyone knows their next door neighbours.

Less distractions and distance  on a small island means that it’s much easier to organize celebrations with friends or decide today to host a paella lunch tomorrow, or this weekend. There is no need to coordinate diaries or plan so far ahead and there is the opportunity to share your children with your friends and for you to know your friends’ children too.

This freedom from distractions actually gives people the choice of how they want to spend their time without a sense of obligation to anyone or anything. Less is more, and if people are at home then usually their door is always ‘open’ and friends and family will frequently pop in to say ‘hola’ and have a beer or a chat.

When in Menorca, take time out do do the same and treasure the time with your loved ones. If you are with your children build sand castles, play in the water, teach them card games or board games or complete a puzzle together. If you are with your partner, go for long walks on the beach, enjoy  a sunset and a glass of champagne or a nice long lunch and a sieta. If you are with members of your family go for a wander together be it on the cami de cavalls around the island or in the old streets of the towns or a museum. Or just hire a bike and discover the area where you live.

EAT, DISCOVER, PLAY, RELAX, LAUGH, ENJOY.. the simple things with the people you love are the best.

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