Why Choose Menorca for your Holiday?

Why Menorca is the perfect location for your summer holiday in Spain

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Menorca Holiday


Its normally at this time of year when we all start to day dream of summer holidays, wishing that the warmth was just around the corner rather than a few months away!

Perhaps not so coincidentally its in the last few weeks of winter and the first few weeks of Spring that we also seem to be bombarded with holiday choices as to which of many lovely locations we can choose for that much needed and deserved week away from home. Perhaps you have already been seduced by the almost unbelievably blue sky and blue sea of any number of advertisments on television, magazines or billboards at train stations. Did they work? Do you feel any warmer? Can you smell the sea air already?

Jokes aside, its as much a serious business as it is a fun adventure plannning your summer holiday, and Spain is one of the most popular destinations in Europe to escape to from the north. Whilst I admit that my opinion is biased as I love Menorca, let me tell you why I’m convinced its one of the best places to holiday….

  1. Its one of the few places where you can really get away from it all.
    Whether you are with friends, partner or family in Menorca its only ever a short walk or drive for a moment of tranquility by the sea.
  2. Its just like it is on the postcards, only in 3D!
    No photoshop needed here to brighten up nature or erase unsightly buildings or other eye sores. Come and see for yourself!
  3. Tradition & Tourism
    Menorca maintains its culture, history and lifestyle whilst providing facilities and services for visitors’ needs and for them to experience the lifestyle themselves. Beautifully kept towns as well as resorts and urbanizations that keep in theme with traditional whitewash of the Mediterranean.
  4. Safe & Friendly
    For you, your family and your belongings. In Menorca you will find the same high standards you would expect in your own home. You  won’t see Menorca making headlines for…. well anything really! And we are very thankful for that (well except maybe for the beautiful beaches).
  5. Time and Space to connect & disconnect
    Menorca offers a variety of activities for a variety of holidays. If you want adventure there are many types of activities to indulge, want to relax either on a beach or a spa? That too. Build sandcastles and sleep well with the kids in family friendly beaches, bars and hotels? Tick. Mix it up with your love or a group of friends for fine dining, drinks, boat trips or days doing nothing on a beach… si si si!

Still not convinced? Want a few more reasons?
Read some more from our Menorca Guide here Why Visit Menorca?

Okay, I said I was biased… after all I live here. But I’m not alone either, Menorca is extremely popular as a repeated holiday destination especially for families and nature lovers.

Are you a repeat visitor too? If so leave a comment below and jump on the bandwagon with me! Tell us why you love Menorca and why other’s should come and visit us this year!


Written by Vanessa Jeny

Vanessa Jeny

Vanessa Jeny is the founder of MenorcaBlue.com, an online lifestyle and travel guide to the Spanish Mediterranean island of Menorca. She helps connect the top tourist services on the island with discerning travellers looking for authentic local experiences on holiday… peek inside paradise & live the local lifestyle!

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  • VanessaJeny

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, I always love to hear from other people who love the island as much as I do. Its such a wonderful harmonious place, the perfect warm summer getaway from colder climates. Ferreries is a lovely town and an ideal location to get to all parts of the island. Pop into the Spa at the Hotel Audax in Cala Galdana to say Hi to me on your next visit!

  • Menorcalovers

    Me and my bf are going back to Menorca for the third time this year. We are in love with this island! We are a young couple, but we do not wish to go to the busy party-places that most young couples do. We love how calm and beautiful Menorca is! And we love how we never hear another person with our native language (norwegian) for our whole stay. We are truly in another country. We always have a rental car, which we think is a must have! We have explored north and south, east and west, still stunned by all the beautiful nature and beaches we find each time. This year we have decided to live in Ferreries so that we are in the center of the island, close to everything! We have already got a handful of favorite beaches that we can’t wait to re-visit. And we also have along list on new beaches to visit! Menorca is the most beautiful place in the Mediterranean! We can’t wait to visit again!

  • Steve Hutchings

    We love Menorca so much we own a property there! We used to come 3 times a year but with children at school the flights in the summer holidays are just too expensive and we can’t even afford to visit our own property this year! This will be the first year for about 15 years we haven’t been and it is depressing! We will really miss it.

  • Thanks for your comment Saskia! Great minds think alike, so I´m glad you agree with me. 25 times wow! I bet you know the island as well as the locals do. How are your Menorcan dialect skills? Picked up any of the local lingo along the way?

  • Saskia

    I have been holidaying in Menorca (Cala Blanca) for most of my life. I am 36 and have been about 25 times I think. There is no need to go anywhere else when Menorca is so perfect! The beaches are gorgeous, the locals so friendly and the food divine. Wish I was there now!