In the central southern side of the island in between Cala Mitjana and Cala Fustam. One of Menorca’s famous virgin beaches, Cala Trebalúger is a pristine turquoise cove with a surrounding of pine trees backed onto a gorge and opening of a freshwater river.


Description: Medium sized white sandy beach with shallow calm waters and few people although popular spot for boats in the summer

Perfect For: A day out at a beautiful crystal clear beach with unique natural surroundings to explore walking.

Access Level: Difficult. Access by walking or by sea in boat, kayak or jet ski.

Parking: None. No car access.
Bus: No
Toilets: No
Lifeguard: No
Food & Drink: No
Beach Rental: No
Water Activities: No
Boat Access: Yes. No bouys, however safe mooring distance encouraged for swimmers.
Rubbish & Recycling: No. Remember your take away rubbish bag!

Access for most people is a long walk via the coastal horse path around Menorca called the ‘Camí de Cavalls’. Its for comfortable walkers with an adventurous spirit!

Access 1 – In car on the road to Cala Galdana, turn off and park in the parking for Cala Mitjana. From Cala Mitjana it’s approximately 40 minutes walk to Trebalúger.

Access 2 – Via the sea. If possible the best access is via boat, kayak or jet ski.

NOTE – Trebalúger is a popular transition point for kayak excursions as it is just a few steps to drag the kayak from the sea to the river to explore the inland gorge.

IMPORTANT:    Please help us maintain Menorca’s natural beauty

Dispose of your rubbish, cigarette Butts included! There are garbage and recycling bins in the car parks and every street. Reuse plastic bags to take your waste to the closest bin.
Take some beautiful photos…. but also take all your rubbish with you. GRACIAS!


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