Fiestas de Sant Martí Es Mercadal

 The fiesta of Sant Martí is the town fiesta for Es Mercadal and is held annually on the third weekend in July and the dates vary. What is constant though is the series of events and traditions across the Saturday evening and Sunday each year.
Sant Martí Es Mercadal Menorca

Fiesta de Sant Martí - Es Mercadal


17.00h –  Primer toc des Fabiol – First flute and drum of the fiestas.
The whistle blower known as the Fabioler goes to the town hall to ask permission from the mayor to start the fiesta, and start to round up the horses around town. Then the drum and whistle is played for the first time in front of the mayor and the crowds.
Next the Fabioler goes to collect the Caixera Sobreposada from her home, on horseback they both return to the town hall to collect the town’s flag.
Following tradition, they head to collect the Caixer Casat and Caixer Pagès and then lap the town collecting the rest of the horses and riders that make up the cavalcade known as la Qualcada.
At the same time the band of Mercadal parades through the town with els gegants i capgrossos d’ Es Mercadal, the giants and big heads which is a more recent  fancy dress tradition of the fiestas that dates back to 1979.
18.00h – Caixer Capellà, Caixer Batle, El Bastó
Once all the horses have joined the cavalcade they proceed to collect the priest, Caixer Capellà, then finally onto collect the Caixer Batle who presides over the cavalcade and the fiestas.
The cavalcade then returns to the town hall where the Caixer Batle recieves el bastó as a symbol of leadership over the fiestas.
19.00h – Jaleo en sa Plaça Constitució
The cavalcade makes its way to the Plaça Constitució for the Jaleo, which is where the band plays the music of the fiesta and the horses jump and move amongst the people.
Following this the cavalcade completes es Caragol, which is the lap around the central streets of the town.
23.45 h – Celebració de les Solemnes Completes
In the Church of Sant Martí this religious ceremony is with the participation of the caixers, caixeres and authorities, candles are handed out and lit.
Followed by the official reception for authorities and invited guests in the town hall and finally the supper for the horse riders known as sa beguda
9.00h – Fabioler & Qualcada
The Fabioler starts the day again with the same start from the evening before collecting the caixers, caixeres, flag and horseriders round town.
11.ooh – Jaleo en sa Plaça Constitució
Once again the Jaleo is played with the presence of the horses in the main square and the riders are given symbolic green reeds.
Next is mass Missa Solemne, in the church of Sant Martí with the caixers and authorities.
12.00h – Recepció a s’Ajuntament
A reception in the town hall for the caixers, caixeres and authorities where the flag is handed over to the mayor from the Caixer/a  Sobreposat/da.
13.00h – Despedida y Darrer toc des Fabiol
After the reception the cavalcade accompanies the Caixer Batle and Caixer Capellà back to their homes and as a farewell, the drum and flute is played for the last time for the crowds.
22.00h – Fireworks in the area of  ses Alzines

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