Fiestas de Sant Jaume Es Castell

The fiesta of Sant Jaume is the town fiesta for Es Castell and is held annually on the 24th & 25th of July regardless of the day of the week. Here is the general schedule of events, some times are approximate.

24th JULY

10.00h – Primer toc des Fabiol
First flute and drum of the fiestas.
The whistle blower known as the Fabioler goes to the door of the town hall to play the flute and drum for the first time to start the fiestas. 

El Pregoner Municipal announces the start of the fiestas through the streets of the town.

The Junta de Caixers passes through the streets of the town to invite the participation of town associations.

15.45h – Es Replec y Sa Qualcada
The garthering of horses commences and the riders lap the town collecting the rest of  the cavalcade known as Sa Qualcada.

17.00h – Els Gegants y Capgrossos
At the same time the band of Ciutadella parades through the town with els gegants i capgrossos, the giants and big heads typical of the fiestas.

19.00h – Celebració de les Solemnes Completes

The riders leave their horses and proceed on foot to the the religious ceremony in honour of L’Apòstol Sant Jaume ub the church Parroquial de Roser

20.00h –  Jaleo en L’Ajuntament
After the mass the riders return to the town hall to participate in the Jaleo played by the Band of Ciutadella, amongst the crowds. The music does not start until the Caixer Fadrí returns from the town hall with the flag fo the fiestas. 

25th JULY

7.45h – Start of Es Replec i Sa Qualcada
The day starts again with the same start from the evening before collecting the caixers, caixeres, flag and horseriders round town.

8.00h – Els Gegants i Grallers
Parades through the town with els gegants des Castell i Grallers de Maó

11.00h – Missa Solemne de Caixers
Next is mass Missa Solemne, in the church of Parroquial de Roser with the caixers and authorities.

13.00h – Jaleo en l’Ajuntament
Once again the Jaleo is played with the presence of the horses at the town hall and the riders are given symbolic green reeds and silver spoons. 

15.00h – Convidada del Caixers
A reception in the town hall for the the caixers and the distribution of the rosewater of the fiestas 

20.00h – Corregudes al Carrer d’Es Port
Races in the street of the port.

21.00h – Darrer toc des Fabiol
After the races the drum and flute is played for the last time for the crowds in front of the town hall.

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