Crafts of Menorca

Here is a brief breakdown of what are specialty handmade items in Menorca, so you can keep your eyes out when wandering around town, at the markets or on a stop at an outlet store.

It would be hard to visit Menorca and not come across the AVARCA (Abarcas, Avarques), the Menorcan sandal which was once handmade only footwear for farmers has now become one of the symbols of the island and a high fashion item worn by everyone. But the craft of making different designs of shoes is a tradition that has been maintained by several family run businesses. These businesses are dedicated to the fabrication of their footwear in factories on the island to produce a locally made product. Menorca is also proud of the success and expansion of some of these footwear brands at a high profile international level, sold in big cities and worn by celebrities all around the world.

In addition to shoes, several speciality shops and outlets for the sale of leather bags, purses and wallets, belts and jackets can be found across the island. Worth a stop off trip as you are sure to come away with a bargain or the perfect souvenir.Some of these products are still handmade one off items, many of these suppliers are found at market stalls in the different towns during the summer.


Handmade soaps, bath salts washes and creams


Weaved Baskets and Bags


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