Made in Menorca

Artesanía refers to the world of handmade crafts in Spain, and in Menorca there are a number of specialty products that are handmade on the island.

Like farming and fishing, the art of handmade crafts is often one that handed down from generation to generation; many of the crafts themselves are traditions that have become a part of the Menorcan culture over centuries.

Often working with materials and ingredients found in high quality and abundance on the island, over the years the expansion of handmade Menorcan products has come  from making the most of what nature has provided.

Other products that are made in Menorca which started out as small family run businesses, have become industries in themselves providing jobs to many of the locals through their expansion.

Again we encourage you to buy Marca Menorca, Menorcan brands when shopping for yourself and for gifts. To get to know what is available on the island and where to buy, click  below for our guide to…

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