The beauty of living on a small island is the close proximity to inland and sea. The lifestyle in Menorca reflects making the most of both. Fishing and farming are a source of both work and play for many Menorcans whose livelihood and spare time revolve around them.

Fruits of the Land
Menorca has incredibly rich and fertile soil that allows for all kinds of fruit and vegetables to be grown, which along with the warm climate creates the perfect conditions for planting almost all year round. Agricultural activity extends in Menorca to include the farming of fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes, dairy products, beef, chicken, pork, lamb and rabbit. There are many Menorcan families that live from farming as the traditions are passed on from generation to generation to work the land and livestock. While some products are exported nationally and international from Menorca, all products freshly grown on the island are available from supermarkets all over the island. They are mostly labelled as such, and if not ask, you can taste the difference! Many Menorcans also home grow vegetables with a veggie patch or fruit tree in their own garden, some even hold farming land on the outskirts of the towns, enjoying the process of sowing and reaping as well as always having  their own supply of homegrown fruit & veg.

Fruits of the Sea
Fishing is a popular pastime in Menorca and there is nothing like heading out to sea before dawn then catching and cleaning your fish in time for lunch. But fishing is also a serious business in Menorca, and with such a variety of quality fish and seafood in the sea around the island it is no wonder that the island is known for its seafood restaurants and daily fresh fish markets. However as Menorca is a biosphere there are restrictions on fishing activities to protect the species of marine life.  The only time there is any shortage is if there has been days of strong wind and boats have not been able to go out, but thankfully these days are few.

Made in Menorca
We encourage you to buy local and support the Menorcan farmers, fisherman and businesses that sell local produce and products. These aspects make up a large part of the local economy, and in doing so you will be guaranteed to enjoy some of the best meals of your life whilst you are staying on the island. Ask what is in season or local to Menorca and check the product signs when doing your weekly shop.

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