Cala Carbó

Location: Cala Carbó located east of Cala Alagairens on the north western coast of Menorca.

Cala Carbó


Description: Striking and unique Cala Carbó is distinguished by its large perfectly rounded pebbles in varying shades of brown both on the beach and in the sea. No wheelchair or stroller access.

Perfect For: Walking enthusiasts who make the journey from the car park at La Vall
or anyone in a small boat.

Access Level: Difficult. Via a nature track as part of the ‘Cami de Cavalls’ or by boat.
Parking: No. Paid parking in the car park for Cala Algaiarens.
Bus: No.
Toilets: No.
Lifeguard: No
Food & Drink: No
Beach Rental: No
Water Activities: No
Boat Access: From the sea for pick up only with appropriate anchor for rocks.
Rubbish & Recycling: No. Remember your take away rubbish bag!

Access 1 – Walking from Cala es Tancats at Cala Algairens (La Vall).

Access 2 – Via the sea via boat, kayak or jet ski.

IMPORTANT:    Please help us maintain Menorca’s natural beauty

Dispose of your rubbish, cigarette butts included! There are garbage and recycling bins in the car parks and every street. Reuse plastic bags to take your waste to the closest bin.
Take some beautiful photos…. but also take all your rubbish with you. GRACIAS!

Cala Carbó


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