‘Sa Rosa dels Vents’ The Wind Rose

Natives of the windy island of Menorca live by ‘The Wind Rose’.

‘Sa Rosa dels Vents’

Natives of the windy island of Menorca are accustomed to making plans around the wind, so it’s recommended you do the same. When checking the weather forecast for the week, sun is

Sa Rosa dels Vents

important but check the wind prediction too. Here in Menorca, the wind rose or wind compass also has its own names for each of the eight directions. If you live in Menorca you need to know these names to be able to follow the conversation especially in nautical circles, as you are more likely to hear people speak of the ‘Tramuntana’ as opposed to the ‘northerly wind’.

The different wind directions are affectionatly known by the below names and like people, they also have their own characteristics and habits for which they are famous for on the island.

North – Tramuntana              South – Migjorn
North East – Gregal                South West – Llebeig
East – Llevant                         West – Ponent
South East – Xaloc                  North West – Mestral

The northern Tramuntana wind commands the most respect and attention in the Baleares, and often blows a gale that brings a sharp drop in temperatures to the islands. The northern mountain coastline on Mallorca is named after the northern wind and provides protection to the island in the form of a wind break. Menorca does not have that luxury as it is flat, and when ‘Sa Tramuntana bufa’ meaning ‘when the Tramuntana blows’  it blows strong and constant, sometimes for three days reaching over 100km/h. On days such as these it is easy to understand why the houses of the Baleares are built so strong and solid!

The locals even have some old sayings that reflect the effect that each wind has on the environment, most curiously they are almost always spot on!

“Vent de Xaloc, mar molta i peix poc”
South Easterly wind brings big waves and few fish (bad fishing weather)
“Vent de llebeig, aigua veig”

South westerly wind brings rain
“Vermell i ponent, senyal del vent”

Westerly wind that creates a colourful red sky at sunset, is a sign that a strong northerly Tramuntana wind is to follow
“El mestral dorm a casa seva, però s’aixeca de matí”

The north westerly wind in the afternoon, goes home at night (calms) but wakes again in the morning

Its’s these secret little phrases known only by the Menorcan people which are actually helpful tips when planning your days on holiday. In some cases just looking out the window will give you the next days weather forecast or let you know if there will be fresh fish of the day on tomorrow night’s menu!

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