Spring in Menorca for ‘Semana Santa’

Menorca shows off its beauty during the Easter holidays…

Spring has sprung in time for ‘Semana Santa’ and residents are making the most of the warmer weather and beckoning beaches.

Cala Galdana Menorca April 2012

Cala Galdana Menorca April 2012


Ask anyone who lives in Menorca and they will tell you that one of the best things about living here is the time just before and just after the official tourist season starts each year. The landscape is full of brightly coloured wildflowers, endless green fields scattered with white farmhouses and trees full of citrus fruits and pink almond blossoms. Its makes for a pleasant drive wherever you are going to see the roadsides scattered with yellow and green.

Menorca starts to receive more of its annual visitors for the Easter week break, and while it might be too cold for a dip in the sea, the beaches are at their best with very few people around for company. You can either pack a picnic lunch and head to the closest beach to find a few others with the same idea, or wander further afield to one of the completely untouched coves and find that you are the only person for miles around. The serenity and illusion of being on deserted island far from civilization is the real pleasure of our island paradise. That beach scene that most people daydream of is actually a reality here in Menorca.

These photos were taken yesterday at Cala Galdana, one of Menorca’s most popular and populated beaches in the summer. This view is a rare one compared to busier months, one of total calm and relaxation without a boat or beach bed in sight.

So as many people elsewhere plan quick four day city breaks or road trips that involved congested freeways, residents of Menorca will be walking to their nearest turquoise blue cove and enjoying every moment of the peace and quiet at home.  This is a privilege that anyone who lives here would never change for anything else in the world. That’s why we love Menorca.

Anyone fancy popping over to join us for your last minute quick getaway?
We have enough turquoise beaches to share…

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