What to expect

  • Same question here

  • JR

    I was think the same thing – any update on this?

  • JR

    I was thinking about the same thing?

  • Hola Sarah, Thanks for your interest and your support. As you can see its a work in progress to develop all the pages on my site to get it to the level of detail for visitors that I feel they need to get the best out of their visit to Menorca. I’m in the progress of developing some options to collaborate with local businesses that specifically promote/sell local products and services, and the local lifestyle of the island. Please do get in touch at blog(at)menorcablue.com if you would like some more information. Thanks again for your comments. Keep them coming as they are much appreciated!

  • Hi,

    Great site. I’m just wondering if you feature links to accommodation in Menorca? If so I would love to be associated with your website.

    Kind regards, Sarah