The Best of Menorca – Part 1

These are the first five from our rather long, short list! Stay tuned for Parts 2 & 3 of the best of Menorca.

When there is so much to see and do on such a small little island, it is hard to create a short list of the Best of Menorca. Certainly with the diversity of activities and scenery, what might be the best of the island is very much subject to opinion and there are never any shortages of options from which to choose!

So here is a list of some of the Best of Menorca, depending on your interests and length of your stay. This selection is based on what I have come to appreciate as the most beautiful of the Menorcan scenery, culture and lifestyle as shared so openly with me by the locals.

  1. Get up close with Menorcan Horses

    Experience these magnificent exceptionally well trained stallions in either a local town fiesta, a horse riding experience, or a horse show. You will be blown away by this breed and what they can do.
  2. Visit Menorca’s Virgin Beaches

    There is such a huge selection, well over 80 undeveloped beaches to choose from on the whole island. Some of the virgin beaches are more easily accessible than others and a little are a walk away from parking or access by boat only
  3. Watch the Sunset over the Sea

    Anywhere on the west coast of the island you will get the most spectacular show every night.
    Some of the best spots are close to the cliff faces at Calas Picas, Cala Forcat, Ciutadella, Cala Blanca and Cap D’Artrutx. There are a number of great bars also at these locations that are famous for their sunset scenery.
  4. Experience the Menorcan Mediterrean

    Take a boat tour, hire a boat for the day, or a kayak or Jet Ski, windsurf, dive or charter a yacht.
    Menorca has it all for every budget and experience. It’s the opportunity to see the island from the other side and reach so many beaches and coves that are only accessible by boat. The easiest way is by taking a day trip excursion from Mahon, Ciutadella or Cala Bosch.
  5. Dine in the Port of Ciutadella

    In the summer months the Port of Ciutadella is full of life and the esplanade of the port is bursting with a selection of the finest restaurants serving local and national dishes. Dining out doesn’t come better than eating locally grown produce and meat, or paellas and seafood freshly caught directly from the Mediterranean that day, whilst enjoying the ambience of the terraces in the port. Sensory seduction!

These are the first five from our rather long, short list! Stay tuned for Parts 2 & 3 of the best of Menorca.

Have you experienced a Menorca Sunset? Or been up close with the Menorcan Stallions? Which is your favourite of Menorca’s beaches? Tell us about your Menorcan Mediterranean memories or if you have enjoyed a meal in the Port of Ciutadella.

Caring is sharing! After all we all know that the best advice comes from either other travellers or from locals, so don’t be shy and share what you love about Menorca.

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