Time to explore the island from the comfort of your computer and get all the information you need before exploring it in person.

In this section you will find a good general overview of different aspects of the island as well as some detailed pages on how to get to various spots and what you will find there in terms of services.

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Tour the Island
Get an overview of Menorca’s geography, towns, resorts and beaches. Get to know the island and your way around before you decide where abouts to stay on your visit.

Towns of Menorca
Familarize yourself with the towns of Menorca and what’s on offer in each of them to see and do.

Urbanizations and Resorts
Finding it hard to choose between one resort or another? Here you will find an overview of what beaches, services, facilities and entertainment you can find in each of the urbanizations around Menorca.

With so many beaches to choose from and time being precious, we provide for you the need to know information about access, facilities and features of each of Menorca’s beautiful beaches. Before you go anywhere, start here!

Places of Interest
What are the highlights around the island? If you are renting a car for a few days where should you go? Here are some of Menorca’s most beautiful and treasured places of interest.